Medical Services Offshore

International SOS offers a complete suite of Medical Services Offshore. From the Offshore Nurse and Responsible Doctor to Procedures, Protocols and Audits. All services delivered by experts with years of experience within the field.

Offshore assets depend on a well-functioning Health Service to care for your workers. The Offshore Nurse is your dedicated onsite resource for anything relating to health and hygiene as well as other HSE-related matters. Time permitting, the nurse can also assist with some administrative tasks.

Our Offshore Nurses are trained to handle medical emergencies as well as ordinary day-to-day medical complaints. They will run the sickbay, train the first-aiders, and take responsibility for medical preparedness on the asset. They also have access to a full team of medical and working environment experts onshore for guidance.

Keeping the workforce healthy is not only about medical care. Prevention of disease is achieved through safe and healthy food, safe potable water and proper hygienic conditions. Our nurses are trained in the requirements and will assist in carrying out inspections as well as provide advice on how to mitigate risks.

Proper medical treatment is always our priority, but proper case management is also part of an offshore health service. Our nurses are inducted to a set of procedures and protocols to ensure consistent treatment and keeping recordables at a minimum.

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