Understand your risks and prepare accordingly. Assessing your risks means not only offering ways to prepare your employees prior to their assignment or trip, but also assessing your overall enterprise medical and security risks quickly and simply. Our Workforce Resilience Programme does both.

Helping you build an enterprise-wide understanding of your risk exposure

As an additional information repository, International SOS provides you with health and security risk maps (accessible here). The maps are designed to help you better understand health and security risks in the markets where you operate, identifying the need to put practices in place that ensure business continuity.

The maps enable decision makers to immediately recognise which destinations require adequate preventive risk assessment procedures and preparation programmes. The aim is to mitigate risks and protect your employees, ensuring you provide adequate Duty of Care and to avoid litigation.

We have found our risk maps also help close the gap between the perception and reality of health and security risks: Without assessment, business travellers and international assignees often have misconceptions about the risks they will be exposed to. For an organisation wishing to grow operations in new areas, it is essential to ensure that you fully understand the health risks that employees may face and how to educate/prepare for them.

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