Working from home

The Covid-19 pandemic has sent many people home as the measures to control infection spread include closing of non-essential businesses, social distancing and working from home when possible. We have put together a toolkit of advice to assist you in working from home, managing the mental stress of social distancing etc. Our specialists are ready to consult you if you require additional support relating to this topic. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Documents and posters in English:


Zoom Security

Build high performing team (new)

Balancing Act (new)

Mental Resilience

Build high performing team

Work From Home

Parenting while working from home

Workout instructions: Whole Body – Without equipment


Dokumenter og plakater på norsk:


Hjemmekontor råd


Hjemmekontor inneklima



Treningsveiledning: Helkropp – uten utstyr