Medical Services Offshore

International SOS offers a complete suite of Medical Services Offshore. From the Offshore Nurse and Responsible Doctor to Procedures, Protocols and Audits. All services delivered by experts with years of experience within the field.

Operating offshore assets in Norway leaves you with numerous national requirements to meet. Engaging our Audit-team to conduct a Health and Hygiene Inspection will clarify areas of risk exposure and help to ensure you are compliant on Health and Hygiene matters.

Audits by the County Governor of Rogaland, the Petroleum Safety Agency and the Operators are frequent, and non-conformances does not make you look good. A Health and Hygiene Inspection can be useful at several stages of operation:

Our on-site audit reviews key elements of your medical preparedness, sick bay and emergency sick-bay, provisions for health, hygiene and cleaning as well as food preparation and potable water. In short it serves as a tool for the Responsible Doctor to ensure that the requirements of the regulations are met.

Our proven checklist covering key areas is used to conduct the audit and ensures a thorough evaluation of processes and practices. Each audit results in a comprehensive report that is peer-reviewed by our regional medical directors and audit team leader. By conducting a yearly health and hygiene inspection, you can rest assured that any non-compliance with regulations are discovered as early as possible and that you stay one step ahead of the authority audits

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