Occupational Health Services (BHT)

International SOS is an approved provider of Occupational Health Services by the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate. We cover the fields of Occupational Medicine, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomy, Psycho-Social & Organizational support through our numerous and professional experts within each area.

Part of the Integrated Occupational Health Service is management support and attendance in various meetings and fora to support you HSE agenda.

Participation in AMU (The work environment committee)

AMU/WEC is an important arena where management and employees meet. International SOS as an external party will be an advisor and consultant with this work.

Drug- and alcohol management including AKAN

International SOS has experience in providing assistance in the development of company policies and procedures regarding alcohol and drug abuse, in providing training of managers and information to employees, in consulting with individuals who may be addicted, and in follow up of rehabilitation processes. International SOS offers to provide professional support to company’s preventive work towards drugs and alcohol misuse and participate in Clients rehabilitation work.

We also provide assistance with D&A testing and follow up of individuals through our Clinic Services.

Planning and Reporting

At the beginning of each year, we will discuss and establish a plan detailing services and support to your business and work-force. The plan will be reviewed at least quarterly and at the end of the year we will summarize services provided in a report.

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