Occupational Health Services (BHT)

International SOS is an approved provider of Occupational Health Services by the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate. We cover the fields of Occupational Medicine, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomy, Psycho-Social & Organizational support through our numerous and professional experts within each area.

Through our experienced doctors and nurses we provide access to all relevant services within the area of occupational health.

Health surveillance

The Working Environment regulations lists requirements for a risk based Occupational Health Examination if the workers are exposed in a way that may cause illness or disease. Most offshore workers fall into this group.

The examination is based on knowledge of the working environment and results from previous work environment mappings and risk studies. It should be specific to the working conditions and exposures of the individual but may also cover more general topics such as wellbeing and lifestyle.

Done right you can address the needs of each individual and their concerns over health issues in a proper fashion. You can also collect valuable high-level data on the health-condition of your workforce that can be applied into future prevention activities.

Offshore workers live all across the country and often have a long way to travel to get to the Heliport as well as tight schedules to meet. Therefore, doing Occupational Health Examinations onshore has proven to be a logistical challenge as well as expensive and with low participation as a result. By moving the examination offshore, you can easily reach all your workers and will save time and money.

The on-site Medic will schedule appointments together with line management and OIM so that a couple of workers are examined at the beginning or end of their shifts. Over three months all workers will have two chances during their rotations to participate. The examination is done by the Medic while the Responsible Doctor will review cases from onshore. If specific medical conditions or challenges are uncovered a visit onshore to see the doctor may be necessary as well.

Sickness absence management

Managing sickness absence is a key part of a company’s health risk mitigation. Engaging our occupational health experts regularly will help keep sickness absence as low as possible and ensure that your employees are put on the right track for a speedy return to work.

Sickness absence is about the wellbeing of your people as well as your duty of care. It’s a two-way commitment that requires constant work and engagement. All cases are not easy, but properly managed they don’t need to be hard. And failure can be expensive. When the “going gets rough” the independent medical expert can help sort out the situation and facilitate the flow of correct and appropriate information while respecting medical confidentiality.

Our Medical Advisors knows the regulations and knows what is the appropriate and expected treatment and outcome of sick or injured workers. They also know how various illnesses and disabilities affect the ability to work and travel (onshore and offshore), ensuring that the job specific requirements are always taken into consideration. By managing the cases properly from the start, we ensure your peace of mind.

Drug- and alcohol management including AKAN

International SOS has experience in providing assistance in the development of company policies and procedures regarding alcohol and drug abuse, in providing training of managers and information to employees, in consulting with individuals who may be addicted, and in follow up of rehabilitation processes. International SOS offers to provide professional support to company’s preventive work towards drugs and alcohols misuse and participate in Clients rehabilitation work.

Reporting and follow up of work related illness

International SOS will ensure that cases of work related illness are diagnosed, followed up and reported according to Client’s processes. Company doctor shall ensure, if necessary, that Clients employees receives relevant medical follow up and treatment externally. Annual report from the company health services shall consist of a summary of known cases for the year. In connection with completed health monitoring, International SOS shall prepare a report including statistics for each survey / trend analysis and advice on preventive measures.

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