Medical Services Offshore

International SOS offers a complete suite of Medical Services Offshore. From the Offshore Nurse and Responsible Doctor to Procedures, Protocols and Audits. All services delivered by experts with years of experience within the field.

Operating offshore assets on the Norwegian Continental Shelf leaves you with numerous national requirements to meet. One of them is having a designated doctor to safeguard the health and well-being of the crew. Our doctors help to ensure you are medically compliant.

Under Norwegian regulations, the Responsible Doctor fills the same role for the rig as an onshore Public Health Officer for the community. The responsibilities and oversight cover medical preparedness and treatment, health and hygiene, cleaning and potable water. Building on years of experience within offshore health and occupational medicine, our doctors provide the skills and experience to meet the regulatory demands.

By setting up the sick-bay with proper procedures, check-lists, medication, equipment and reporting templates we ensure consistency of service. Providing day-to-day professional support and clear clinical governance further helps the performance and ensures proper management and escalation of incidents. Finally, we keep up to date on government audits and expectations, doing our utmost to avoid any findings on your rig.

The Responsible Doctor is your dedicated medical resource who is accountable for providing your organization with the best possible medical advice to ensure the health and well-being of your crew.

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